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We strive to provide information and parenting tips on how to promote development, reduce the risk of flat spots on the head (plagiocephaly), for home remedies with sensory integration plus much more.  Don't see the topic you are looking for?  Contact us and we will connect with you to get the information you need.  Check back often as we will be adding to the library regularly!


When does a child need physical therapy?  Download this free Physical Therapy Indicator list.  

How to keep your baby safe during sleep.  Download this free Safe to Sleep Key Points list. 

Madison On the Move radio show featuring a discussion about sports medicine.  Join the discussion! 

Home Based vs. School Based vs. Outpatient PT

Coping With Sensory Issues in the Home


The Truth About Tummy Time Updated Edition

A Parent's Guide to SIDS, Safe Sleeping Practices, Promoting Development and More!

Available in both ebook and paperback versions.

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