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Heel Toe ProTM

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The Heel Toe Pro was invented in our clinic and used as an additional tool for treating the toe walking child.  Attaching to the top of the tibia and the ball of the foot with an elastic joining strap, it gives tactile feedback to prompt a heel toe gait pattern.  When toe walking is attempted, the strap tightens causing knee flexion which in turn returns the child to a heel down position in an effort to maintain stability. Designed as a supplemental treatment technique to be used in conjunction with other toe walking treatment methods, it works well to give consistent feedback to reduce habitual toe walking.  

The Heel Toe Pro has been tested on a small sampling of children with success in initial trials. Larger clinical trails were postponed in 2020 due to safety protocols during the Covid pandemic and a new date has not yet been set.  


Heel Toe Pro.tif
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